• What do you need to PITCH at the Atlanta Pitch Summit?

    • You need more than just an IDEA! You CANNOT copyright an IDEA!
    • You need a synopsis, treatment, script or teleplay that has been copyrighted (print your WGA or registration info to the bottom of your material). And an idea is a waste of time to an established executive. Have your material ready to go if they request more through their companies submission process.
    • Ownership of Pitch: Remember, you are giving a verbal pitch at the pitch session, one-on-one, to an executive. The writer/creator is the only and full owner of their project. Any and everyone that attends the summit (pitching) fills out a release document that shares all pitching requirements and protecting their rights at the event.
    • You are able to share sizzle reel web links or a leave a DVD copy, ONLY IF the exec is willing to receive it. (DON’T BE PUSHY OR A PEST)
    • If you prefer, you are able to have someone attend the summit with you to pitch your project for you. They are entitled to pay the pitching session only amount.
    • You are able to pitch as a team with one other person. No more than two (2) persons pitching together as a pair. BOTH persons are entitled to pay for pitching.
    • If you have more than one project to pitch to the same exec and still have time left on the clock, you are able to do so. If not, then you will have to repeat the process to see that same exec as time permits.
    • Only pitch to the execs/networks/studios that are requesting the genre category that fits proper description for your project. Ex: DO NOT pitch a SYFY project to an executive that is looking for ROMCOM projects.
    • Reminder, you ONLY have  3-4 minutes to sit at the feet of Hollywood Execs and pitch your project, so you have to use your time wisely.

     What is a pitch for television or film?

    A pitch is presenting your idea with the intention to receive a closing sale for your project.

    What is a logline?
    The one-liner that tells what your show is-

    A “Logline” is a one or two sentence description that tells the basic premise and purpose of a TV show idea or film.

    “A likable husband’s tolerance and marriage is tested by the constant intrusion of his overbearing parents and dim-witted brother” – Everybody Loves Raymond

    “A young man and woman from different social

    classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea” – Titanic

    How do you sell a TV show idea or script?

    Create a great logline! Developing a good logline can help you in developing a better show, and gives the executive the ammunition and confidence to market your project. It forces you to boil down all of the elements of your TV show and communicate what the viewers will be watching and the specific purpose of the show.

    What are the minimum requirements when giving a pitch?

    Be prepared with a logline and a strong quick summary of your idea. At least have a one-sheet or a synopsis in hand. You are able to share other materials to entice the exec to believe in your project for a sale.

    What feedback should be expected after a pitch?

    It is completely up to who you are pitching to whether if they want to pursue your project or pass.

    How often do people pitch an idea?

    People do it everyday and don’t realize that they are selling.

    How do I protect my idea (pitch)?

    You are not able to copyright an idea but you are able to copyright a synopsis, treatment or script. Contact the Writers Guild of America. Go to www.wgaeast.org

    Do you have to be present to pitch?

    You must attend the summit to pitch your idea.

    Five Tips to Help You Sell Your Film or TV Pitch

    • Be Prepared
    • Know Your Audience
    • Don’t Oversell
    • Be Respectful
    • Practice Your Pitch


    Imagine this…!

    Now you have a meeting with a network executive. Maybe an actor pal set it up for you, or you hired a fantastic agent who got you a few minutes with someone at CBS. Or you got in to Comedy Central and now you’re ready to meet with them in person to sell your idea for a television show. This is known as the pitch. Typically 5 minutes or less, the pitch is a dynamic verbal description of the show. The key is to keep it short, focus on the highlights, steer clear to the finish line!


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