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    The emergence of Southern Hollywood to the Greater Atlanta area has captured many growing production companies while impacting the television and film industry by storm. Ty Johnston, the founder of Atlanta Pitch Summit, expands the marketplace for extraordinary professionals working in the business of TV, Film & Entertainment.

    What is the Atlanta Pitch Summit?

    The Atlanta Pitch Summit™ is a weekend event for all writers, producers, directors, actors and entertainment entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to television networks and film studios. The distribution process of selling a project can become stressful, time consuming and costly for the average person when trying to transition their script to mainstream. The educational factor is to learn how to pitch and give you the opportunity.

    How does the Atlanta Pitch Summit help?
    The Atlanta Pitch Summit has created access for Atlanta’s Creative Community to pitch their completed project(s) to prominent executives in the motion picture and television industry.

    What to Pitch?
    All genres are welcomed, which includes television show-sitcoms, reality, docu-soap, animated series, dramedy, romcom, feature film, theatrical, cast(s), talent, documentaries, etc.

    Who will be there?
    Confirmed attendees are development and creative producers, directors, talent, literary agents, managers, attorneys and casting directors.

    Who can attend?
    You can!

    Why Atlanta?
    California, New York, Illinois and other states have merged their resources to the southern market to make Atlanta The Home of Southern Hollywood. Georgia’s economic state impact increased came in at $1.33 billion, up from $1.1 billion the previous year.

    What makes the Atlanta Pitch Summit different?
    The Atlanta Pitch Summit celebrates the art of television and film making by creating the marketplace for partners and entertainment entrepreneurs to brand and sell their next big project.

    Many festivals have become well known with exciting success stories beginning the official start to many filmmaker careers and counting. The Atlanta Pitch Summit is dedicated to getting your project to the next phase in production, sold to the right buyer and green lit.

    What ranks Georgia in the top 5 for production?

    According to Georgia’s Film Commission:

    • Georgia’s film and television industry is thriving with more than 348 productions shot in Georgia in FY10.
    • Combined production budgets increasing from $647.6 million in FY09 to $744.3 million in FY10.
    • Altogether, the industry’s economic impact in the state in FY10 came in at $1.33 billion, up from $1.1 billion the previous year.
    • Georgia is now ranked number one in the Southeast, and among the top five states in the nation for film and TV production.
    • Average feature film budget: $41.7 Million
    • More than 14 in-state colleges and universities offer degrees or study in film and television production.


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